Speed Up windows

Recently most of the systems and tablets comes with WINDOWS 8 as default operating system. It has fast processing speed, Even though it provides fast results, it also getting slow sometimes. But this trick will help you to get faster results after making these changes,

1) Disable the Unwanted Visual Effects in your computer, it is an pleasure to the eye when the Effects in the computer are mesmerizing, but if you lack good Video card,RAM,Processor, it is an burden to your system,so Please deactivate

it when you are not supposed to have best system requirements to Disable the Unwanted Visual effects right Click the Computer and Go to ” Properties “A new window will appear, then go to Advanced System settings after that a New Window will appear named System properties click on Advanced -> Settings ( 1st one ) A window will appear, please Uncheck all the options except the last four Options.

2) Disable the Search Indexing Feature may makes your OS to run more Quickly , the search index service is for the Quick look for your files and Folders by keeping an eye on them always,If you are not often Searching files, this Feature is just a Waste usage of RAM, So please Disable it if you are not using it more to Disable the Search indexing feature go to My Computer and Right click it then go to ” Manage “After an Window will come, go to Computer Management > Services and applications now double click on services and applications now Click on the Services button disable it by clicking the Stop Button

3) Many Start up programs and The Running apps will consume more RAM, and it slows the computer,So try to disable the Unwanted Start up services in the Computer. Steps to Disable the Unwanted Start-up services Open up the Task Manager in the Computer Deactivate the service you do not need in the Computer Other tips.

4)Please Disable the Unwanted Windows 8 Programs and Features, if you are not using the Windows 8 Programs features it is also an Burden for your System,So please disable it to Disable the Unwanted programs and features go to Computer and go to control panel now open Programs and Features and Select Program features turn on or off please Uncheck the Unwanted Programs and Features in your Computer

5) If you are using Laptop,change the Power Plan By default it is on the Best Performance, If you need to adjust go to Battery icon on Taskbar-> More Performance Options -> High Performance

6) Please use some registry Tweak Softwares that improve your System performance

7)Turn off the HD Screen savers and the Wallpapers.

Following these steps will help you to get windows faster..

Hope it helps !

How to Chat with friends using Command Prompt!

Windows has many inbuilt features, but most of us didn’t use those inbuilt features.. One of those inbuilt feature  is sending message via Command Prompt without internet access.By using this simple hack we can chat with our friends using this command prompt.

So how this whole chatting process works? Here we are using the traditional way of connecting two devices via wifi network.

Follow this Steps to proceed:

1 ) For this hack you need your friend’s IP Address.

2 ) First Open Notepad in your PC and write this code as it is. @echo off:AClsecho MESSENGERset /p n=User:set /p m=Message:net send %n% %m%PauseGoto A

3 ) Now save the file as “Messenger.Bat”.

4 ) Now Open the Command Prompt as Administrator.

5 ) Drag the file (.bat file) over to Command Prompt and press Enter.

6 ) Now it’s all over, type the IP Address of the computer you want to contact and press enter.

Now all you need to do is type your message, press Enter and Start Chatting.

Hope it helps!

How to customize your windows 8 start screen

Windows 8, a product of Microsoft is being so popular among peoples, it differs from the previous versions like vista, win 7 in it processing speed. Not only that, its appearance also impress peoples. But there are way lot more options to customize the look and feel for the start screen to adopt it in your own desired way. How to get access to Start

: For a touch device, it will just require you to swipe from the right hand side of your screen.The charms bar appears and then you get the start button. Now tap on it.Whereas for a non-touch device with a mouse, you need to move your cursor either on the top right corner or lower right corner which will show the charms bar and also the Start button. Or else you can press the Windows key to access the start button. Personalization of the start screen includes the following features:

  1. Background Appearance: To change the default background picture, hover the cursor to either of the top or bottom right corners of your screen or strike the “WinKey + C” combo to reveal the charms bar. Now Click on Settings-> Personalization > Start screen and select your background and color pattern. Custom background images or color schemes though aren’t available, but Microsoft provides quite a few options from light shades to darker ones.
  2. Tiles:These tiles can be referred as the building blocks of the start screen. Each tile refers toone application. It can be a live tiles or any desktop application icon tile. One glance on these tiles can update with all kind of news and feeds. You can drag and move the tiles anywhere you want. These tiles can be even resized in a touch device by making a gesture with two fingers by pinching them inward or outward. Tiles with no use can just be unpinned from the start menu by right clicking on the tile & select ‘unpin from start’ option. Tiles again can be grouped in a single bunch by just selecting the tiles by holding CTRL key and scrolling the mouse and clicking on ‘Name group’ button.
  3. Creating a tile:Previous users may not like the Metro UI and would rather go for desktop applications, so one can turn the Start screen into a desktop-only app launcher. To get a view of all the desktop apps, right-click on the Start screen and click on ‘All programs’ to view them. Right-click on any app and select ‘Pin to Start’ to place it on the Start screen which will generate a new tile.
  4. Pin anything on to the start screen: Folder, applications, websites or friends. you can almost pin anything on to your start screen. For placing a folder, just right click on to it and click ‘Pin to start’. To create a tile for a website, navigate to the website and right click on the browser to click on ‘Add site to Start Screen’ option in the browser’s menu. All modern browsers will support this feature.

Hope it helps!


Nowadays most of us working with the popular operating system WINDOWS. We get bored of seeing the same old login screen again and again. Today am going to show you about how to customize the windows login screen with simple registry hack.

Follow this simple Steps.

Step 1: Open your registry editor. (Registry editor is an inbuilt software provided by windows used to edit the registry files)

Simple way to open the registry editor is open the run command and enter regedit and ok

Tip: Winkey+R -> opens run command

Step 2: Now i’ll explain the procedure for each and every steps includes pictures for you to get clearly understand.

Step 3: Select HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE (this will get into your device )

Step 4: Select Software and then select microsoft

Step 5: Then select WINDOWS

Step 6: select CURRENT VERSION


Step 8: Now in the right pane you can see OEMBackground just right click on it and change the value to 1. (Default value is 0)

Step 9: If you didn’t find the OEMBackground on the right pane then create that file by right click on the right pane select new>DWORD 32 and continue the step 8

Step 10: Now save and close the registry editor and open the LOCAL DISC C: Windows\system32\Oobe There you can see a folder named INFO get into that folder You can see a folder named BACKGROUND If not then create INFO and BACKGROUND Folders by yourself. And in this background folder place the JPEG image that you want to place in the logon screen and rename the image as backgroundDefault.jpg Note: the image size should be less than 256 kb in size.

This folder also supports 12 different images according to the resolutions. For this the images should be named like backgroundXXX.jpg Here xxx specifies the resolution size (i.e) It may be of any resolutions like 900×1440, 960×1280, 1024×1280, 1280×1024, 1024×768, 1360×768, 1440×900, 1920×1200,1600×1200, 1280×768, or 1280×960.

Note: This trick is not working for windows 8 since it has different login style.

Its all done now you can see the change after restarting your system.


As we all know windows is mostly known for its user friendly nature, But most of the features in windows are provided with some limitations.

With a prior knowledge we can easily access those features with some simple techniques.

Today we are going to learn that how to enable the extra control options in your windows operating system. This technique is also known as activating god mode in windows.

For this trick do the step as follows.

Step 1: Step into your desktop and create a new folder by simply Right click ➝ New ➝ Folder.

Step 2: Now rename this folder as God Mode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

That’s it! Its all done!

Now you’ll see the folder changes into control panel icon. Now open that folder and access the features which are provided as default in your windows.

This folder includes extra options like the image below

But note that changing the default settings are made at your own risk.

        You can simply deactivate this option by simply deleting it.

Hope This Helps!