In our day to day life we use transistors in most of the electronic devices by without knowing

its use..

And so this will help you to get a knowledge about transistors!

A TRANSISTOR is an electronic device with 3 major terminals for external connections.

They are,




It can also be used to amplify and switch the electric signals. The transistor is majorly classified into two types


1.B.J.T(Bipolar Junction Transistor)

2.F.E.T (Field Effective Transistor)

In early days vacuum tubes are used in the place of transistor. Since it takes large space and the production of enormous heat will become their major disadvantages At the the same time it gives a new way to transistors, Because of the reduced size and reliability Transistor had reached a peak level in the field of electronics.

The practical transistors are shown below:

The transistors we are using mostly are NPN since the flow of N(electron) is fast while compared with P(holes)..

IC(Integrated Circuits)we are using today consists of several number of transistors placed inside.

While talking about the working of a TRANSISTOR compare it with a water tap. A water tap controls the flow of water, As like the same way here replace the WATER TAP with TRANSISTOR and water as current…..

From the above example we can say that a transistor is a device which controls the flow of current and also acts like a switch .

Hope it helps!

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