A resistor is an electronic component used to reduce the current flow. A practical example for this process is that the flow of water reduces while passing through a small pipe reduces the flow speed of

water.. here here the water acts as current and the small pipe act as resistor! now you’ll get an idea about a resistor!

Calculated using OHM’S LAW! And hence the resistor is measured using the unit of ohms!

color coding of resistors:( used to find the resistance)

The resistance of the resistor & its tolerance are specified on the resistor with color code bands that gives the value of the resistance.

The color code is classified into 3:

4 bands: (digit, digit , multiplier, tolerance).

5 bands: (digit, digit, digit , multiplier, tolerance).

6 bands: (digit, digit, digit , multiplier, tolerance , temperature coefficient).

tolerance is the allowable error of the resistor

Hope it helps!

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