Nowadays most of us working with the popular operating system WINDOWS. We get bored of seeing the same old login screen again and again. Today am going to show you about how to customize the windows login screen with simple registry hack.

Follow this simple Steps.

Step 1: Open your registry editor. (Registry editor is an inbuilt software provided by windows used to edit the registry files)

Simple way to open the registry editor is open the run command and enter regedit and ok

Tip: Winkey+R -> opens run command

Step 2: Now i’ll explain the procedure for each and every steps includes pictures for you to get clearly understand.

Step 3: Select HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE (this will get into your device )

Step 4: Select Software and then select microsoft

Step 5: Then select WINDOWS

Step 6: select CURRENT VERSION


Step 8: Now in the right pane you can see OEMBackground just right click on it and change the value to 1. (Default value is 0)

Step 9: If you didn’t find the OEMBackground on the right pane then create that file by right click on the right pane select new>DWORD 32 and continue the step 8

Step 10: Now save and close the registry editor and open the LOCAL DISC C: Windows\system32\Oobe There you can see a folder named INFO get into that folder You can see a folder named BACKGROUND If not then create INFO and BACKGROUND Folders by yourself. And in this background folder place the JPEG image that you want to place in the logon screen and rename the image as backgroundDefault.jpg Note: the image size should be less than 256 kb in size.

This folder also supports 12 different images according to the resolutions. For this the images should be named like backgroundXXX.jpg Here xxx specifies the resolution size (i.e) It may be of any resolutions like 900×1440, 960×1280, 1024×1280, 1280×1024, 1024×768, 1360×768, 1440×900, 1920×1200,1600×1200, 1280×768, or 1280×960.

Note: This trick is not working for windows 8 since it has different login style.

Its all done now you can see the change after restarting your system.

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