A capacitor is an electronic component with 2 terminals. It is generally used to store electrostatic energy from the electric fields. Inside the capacitor there are 2 electric conductors seperated by insulator. It is used for the process of loading and unloading


Insulator–> Dielectric(doesn’t have the ability to conduct current)

Example for dielectrics are glass, woods, e.t.c;

A schematic diagram of capacitor is shown below:

A practical way for realizing the working of a capacitor is, just imagine yourself with a water dam. In a water dam, when the level of the water gets increased above the dam’s capacity it releases the excess of water, Likewise a capacitor works… Now replace the dam with a capacitor and water with energy, the capacitor generally stores the energy like water and when the energy get increased above its capacity level it releases the excess energy stored. Now you’ll get a basic idea about capacitor right?

Capacitors are available with different sizes and different storage capacity. The size may also indicates the storage capacity of the capacitor…

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