So What is a Cable?

A cable is a medium with which the data gets transmitted. Okay In simple Consider a cable as a river, Here how the water gets flow? It depend upon the river right? Likewise here the data is considered as the water which flows through a river called medium (cables).

                   The general purpose of cables is to transfer data from one place to another. According to the

size of data and type of data the cables may get vary. Some of the commonly used cables are,

1 Twisted pair

2 Coaxial cable

3 Optical Fiber

Lets get each of this one get explained in detail as follows:


These cables get famous because of its size. As the name suggests this cables consists of 2 conducting wires are connected in a twisted manner. This type of cables are thin in size. Because of this advantage most of the house wiring and industrial wiring make use of this wires.

A best example for this is you can see the supply wires or connecting wires used in your home. An other well known example is TELEPHONE wiring. In telecom network twisted pairs were used for a long period, till now we are using it for data transfer. (Here data is the information we are sending).

  1. CO AXIAL:

Why it is called as coaxial? Yeah! there is a reason. In general this cable is made up of one physical channel that carries the signal surrounded by another concentric physical channel, both running along the same axis. And so they are called as Co-Axial cables.

These kind of cables are mostly used for transmitting audio and video signals. This coaxial cable is coated with 3 to 4 layers to avoid the data loss. The central conducting material may be a copper or copper coated silver.

A practical example for this cable is DTH connecting cable. This are even used in telephone companies sometimes


Optic Fiber cables are are made up of 2 major components they are glass and light. In this fiber optic cable the data get transferred in the form of light which get reflected by the glass coating available in the inner layer of this cable to transmit the data over a long distance.

This is one of the most used cable nowadays. Telephone Companies and many ISP Providers using this cables for better and fast transmission.

Not only this! There are several kind of cables available in the market which are used based on the type of application we are using.

Hope it helps

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