Before get into the topic of BLUETOOTH, We must know the need for this invention.

Earlier data such as audio, video, text, etc., were sent in a wired manner (i.e) The data were sent through wires (cables) such as co-axial, twisted pair, fiber optics. This reduces the loss of data during the transmission and also the data can be send  in a guided manner  (i.e) it can only able to travel on a decided path.

Even though it contains many advantages, The main disadvantage of this wired data transfer is that it can be implemented over a certain distance only, for a long distance transmission it needs more wires and it costs more. To overcome this disadvantage people need a connection free transmission. Since this transmission do not need any wires,  it is named as wireless.

These wireless transmission can’t be visible to humans. Earlier this wireless transmission can be made only between few hundred yards, But the development in this field made this transmission possible between any part of the world with high speed.

Most of the latest electronics gadgets comes with a feature of Bluetooth for making a wireless connection for control. We all using BLUETOOTH in our day to day life very well , for example Bluetooth headsets, DVD players, computer systems, mobile phones, etc., which makes use of the Bluetooth. But most of us didn’t know whats is behind this Bluetooth.

BLUETOOTH the name is derived from Herald Bluetooth, king of Norway and Denmark at 10th century.

The Bluetooth logo is made by merging the Nordic Runes analogous to the modern latin H & B: haglaz & berkanan.

            Bluetooth is one of the wireless system made for transmitting the data over a short distance.

It uses low power radio waves for data transmission. It actually works with the frequency range between 2.40 to 2.48 gigahertz. This Bluetooth data transmission occurs in an unguided manner and so maximum of 8 people can get connected to a single device and this transmission is possible only for the device which are placed inside the range of 10 meters. Behind this range the transmission may not get finished successfully. even though many devices used for data transmission BLUETOOTH has its own style in this field of wireless….

We can use this Bluetooth module to connect and make interaction with the nearby device without installing any wire connection.

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