Hello Everyone! So You want to know how to root an android mobile? You are on a right place.

Before Getting to know about how  to root an android device, First lets know some basic details of the pros and cons of the rooting process.

So what is a Root?

Rooting is the process of giving access to the android system (Your Android Mobile). In simple words, Every device has its own security protocols. (i.e) It restricts the user to certain limitations so that the user (you) cannot change the system apps and settings which are essential to run the android system. Without some of these apps the system might fail to work, this leads to a repair in your android device. This repair can be non recoverable in sometimes.

      Because of this security reasons many manufactures void the warranty for rooted devices. Nowadays this are not considered as a big issue.

So Rooting is Bad?

Definitely A big NO! Why?

With proper knowledge in which settings or apps are to change or to modify can make this rooting thing super cool. Rooting an android mobile will give you several additional options which are not available for the non rooted users. Suppose you want to uninstall an app which are pre-installed during your purchase of your mobile. You cannot have an option like Uninstall right? Isn’t that annoying?

Why should we are having a app which we are not using anyway. This unused app occupy some default storage space Because of this we cannot be able to install our favorite app. With rooting you can get the option to delete any app (even system apps can be uninstalled). But if you uninstall an app which is essential to run an android system might leads your mobile to severe damage. So try not to change the system settings until you clearly know what it is.

Not only uninstalling and installing we can do several additional things to our mobile after rooting. You can customize your mobile as per your wish. With rooting access we can modify the default system settings.

Rooting enable you to install a custom ROM to run the latest version of Android that might not provided by the mobile manufacturer.


  1. We can do any modification in our android mobile, it’s fully yours. We can easily change the default options provided with that mobile. We get all the access.
  2. Uninstall System Apps.
  3. Can increase the speed and performance of the android device drastically.
  4. Can increase the space of your RAM by linking the MicroSD card to it.
  5. Can block Adds Which become very annoying at some points.
  6. Change your Boot animations.
  7. We Can easily change ROM, Themes, etc.,


  1.       The major disadvantage is that, the manufacturers generally provide the default options included in that mobile. Which are entirely secure. This rooting process access this security.
  2. Your phone have the chances of getting BRICKED while rooting goes wrong.
  3. The warranty get voided.

So the next Big Question! How to Root My Android Device?

Now you might get a basic idea about what is rooting and why we are going for it, Now i’m gonna explain you how to root your android device.

This rooting process can be done either with the use of your PC or simply by using your mobile alone. Since rooting through the PC get complex. I prefer rooting using your mobile. Its really simple and easy to do.

If you ant to know how to root using PC . Have a look into this.

Rooting using mobile can be easy with some simple clicks. So now you are just a few clicks ahead!

There are many apps are available in market to root your mobile. You can even get some of it by google search. some of the most using rooting apps for android mobiles are,

  • Kingoroot
  • Framaroot
  • Universal Androot (apk) App
  • Easy rooting toolkit (apk) App
  • z4root (apk) App
  • Vroot Software
  • just install any one of this apk file in your mobile.

After that select root option -> select -> done.

That’s it now your phone will restart. It take some time. once it get restarted, you get access to all options.

Now you are good to go. You got access to your system. To check weather your device get successfully rooted , check it with some root checking apps are available in playstore. Download and try those apps for Checking purpose!

So How do Root my Device with PC?

For rooting through PC, I prefer two most used softwares. that are,

  • Unlockroot
  • SRSRoot

Follow their instructions provided. This can be done with just few clicks similar to rooting via mobile. Ola! It’s done now your mobile get rooted…

Happy to help you! Help are suggestions are welcome!

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