Speed Up windows

Recently most of the systems and tablets comes with WINDOWS 8 as default operating system. It has fast processing speed, Even though it provides fast results, it also getting slow sometimes. But this trick will help you to get faster results after making these changes, 1) Disable the Unwanted Visual Effects in your computer, it […]

How to Chat with friends using Command Prompt!

Windows has many inbuilt features, but most of us didn’t use those inbuilt features.. One of those inbuilt feature  is sending message via Command Prompt without internet access.By using this simple hack we can chat with our friends using this command prompt. So how this whole chatting process works? Here we are using the traditional […]

How to customize your windows 8 start screen

Windows 8, a product of Microsoft is being so popular among peoples, it differs from the previous versions like vista, win 7 in it processing speed. Not only that, its appearance also impress peoples. But there are way lot more options to customize the look and feel for the start screen to adopt it in […]


Nowadays most of us working with the popular operating system WINDOWS. We get bored of seeing the same old login screen again and again. Today am going to show you about how to customize the windows login screen with simple registry hack. Follow this simple Steps. Step 1: Open your registry editor. (Registry editor is […]


As we all know windows is mostly known for its user friendly nature, But most of the features in windows are provided with some limitations. With a prior knowledge we can easily access those features with some simple techniques. Today we are going to learn that how to enable the extra control options in your […]


A resistor is an electronic component used to reduce the current flow. A practical example for this process is that the flow of water reduces while passing through a small pipe reduces the flow speed of water.. here here the water acts as current and the small pipe act as resistor! now you’ll get an […]


A capacitor is an electronic component with 2 terminals. It is generally used to store electrostatic energy from the electric fields. Inside the capacitor there are 2 electric conductors seperated by insulator. It is used for the process of loading and unloading energy.. Insulator–> Dielectric(doesn’t have the ability to conduct current) Example for dielectrics are […]


TRANSISTOR EVERYWHERE!! In our day to day life we use transistors in most of the electronic devices by without knowing its use.. And so this will help you to get a knowledge about transistors! A TRANSISTOR is an electronic device with 3 major terminals for external connections. They are, 1) EMMITER 2) BASE 3) COLLECTOR […]


So What is a Cable? A cable is a medium with which the data gets transmitted. Okay In simple Consider a cable as a river, Here how the water gets flow? It depend upon the river right? Likewise here the data is considered as the water which flows through a river called medium (cables).                    The […]


Before get into the topic of BLUETOOTH, We must know the need for this invention. Earlier data such as audio, video, text, etc., were sent in a wired manner (i.e) The data were sent through wires (cables) such as co-axial, twisted pair, fiber optics. This reduces the loss of data during the transmission and also […]